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Everyone at TL Sea Diving considers diver education to be extremely important, as the better one is trained, the safer and more competent diver they will be. We originally started our company for those students who needed a little more time to learn diving skills, as well as those who wanted more variety i.e., Specialty courses. Our mission was to teach people how to dive safely, provide added attention when required, simultaneously instilling both competence & confidence in them. Basically, our philosophy is to give all of our students TLC.

Qualified assistants are paramount to safe diving and thorough instruction. TL Sea Diving has, by far, the best instructional team you will find anywhere. Each of our training courses is fully staffed in order to provide the maximum degree of care & control, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience.

Our goal is to ensure that our students continue to dive, succeed and enjoy one of the most fantastic and relaxing sports on the planet. We’re confident that scuba diving will, undoubtedly, “Change Your Life!

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